Factory loading of 13m long IBR galvanized and painted roof sheet

Dimensions of Sandwich Panel Sandwich panels are used for industrial and residential buildings as well as military, agricultural and prefabricated structures, construction site buildings, and silos.

While sandwich panels cover width is 1000 mm, the length is produced in suitable sizes according to the needs of your project.

While calculating the sizes of sandwich panels, you must also consider the thickness of your insulation.

The type and thickness of your insulation core must be chosen based on the properties of your building.

Thicknesses of Sandwich Roof Panels and Sandwich Wall Panels to be used for the roof and walls of your building based on the types of insulation range from 40 mm to 200 mm for the PUR/PIR insulation type, 50 mm to 150 mm for the Mineral Wool insulation, and 40 mm to 150 mm for the EPS insulation.

PUR / PIR insulation thicknesses are between 80 mm - 200 mm in Cold Storage Panels, and Mineral Wool insulation thicknesses are between 50 mm - 150 mm in Acoustic Panels.

Please contact NAMIZOPOL for the measurements and other technical details of the sandwich panels.