Properties of foam concrete obtained with FOAMCRETE;

It is very economical thanks to its low cost.

It can be used in all thermal, acoustic insulation and filling works.

The lightness it gives to the structure increases its resistance to earthquakes. It prevents heat loss in winter.

It prevents moisture from outside in summer.

It creates a jointless, incomplete, monolithic structure.

It is easily applied as it is fluid.

It is resistant to fire at .1 degree.

It has high durability and life.

It is the same as the cement life.

It is resistant to freezing and thawing.

It does not decompose, the material obtained does not dissolve in water. U.V. it is durable.

It is ecological. Does not rot, does not harm the environment.

It does not cause rust on metal.

It can be used safely in water and heating pipes.

It can be used with all kinds of lightweight aggregates. Can be applied to sloping surface

About lightweight (foam) concrete panels:

Lightweight (foam) concrete panels allow you to install the main wall and partition walls in a short time.

Our factory produces light panels in three densities (600 kg/m3, 800 kg/m3, 1000 kg/m3).

Dimensions of light (foam) concrete hollow panels:



Dimensions of light (foam) concrete panels:

1. 2700x900x200mm 2.

2  700x900x150mm

3. 2700x900x100mm

4. 2700x600x200mm

5. 2700x600x150mm

6. 2700x600x100mm

Lightweight (foam) concrete panels are easily cut with a hand saw, so you can shorten panel lengths and widths to your desired dimensions

75m2 house made of hollow lightweight concrete panels

Hollow lightweight concrete (Foam concrete) panels

Lightweight(Foam concrete) concrete panels