IZOPOL GROUP company was founded in 2001 in BAKU, Republic of AZERBAIJAN.

The company was founded by civil engineer BAYRAM SHARIFOV.

The IZOPOL group of companies includes the following companies:

IZOPOL GROUP LLC limited company (BAKU, 2001)

IZOPOL LLC limited company (BAKU, 2001)

IZOPOL CONSTRUCTION LLC limited company (BAKU, 2001)

IZOPOL GIDA limited company (İZMIR, TURKEY, 2010)


NAMIZOPOL INVESTMENT is a private company registered in NAMIBIA in 2018. The company's factories are located in Katima Mulilo, in an area called NIDA (Namibia Industrial Development Zone).

The company's goal in locating its factories in Katima Mulilo is to supply NAMIBIA's domestic market with construction materials. It also intends to export construction materials to neighboring ANGOLA, BOTSWANA, CONGO(DRC), ZAMBIA, and ZIMBABWE.

The company produces the following high-quality construction materials that meet the requirements of modern construction, adapted to the climatic conditions of AFRİCA:

Roof sheet, roof sandwich panel, wall sandwich panel, cold room sandwich panel, and SIP panel.

PPGI metal coil, MgO concrete slabs, polyurethane, rockwool, and styrofoam was used in the production.

Bending C profile, bending Z profile, and bending U profile.

Galvanized steel coil was used in the production.

Concrete products: lightweight concrete wall panels, lightweight concrete wall blocks, hollow wall blocks, bricks, curbs,  interlocks the road.

Plastic and aluminum doors, plastic and aluminum windows with anti-mosquito frames

In addition to production, NAMIZOPOL INVESTMENT also trains local young construction specialists.

The building materials we produce and the specialists we train allow us to build cheap, quality houses, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, factory buildings, mobile offices and canteens, dormitories, prefabricated houses, prefabricated hospitals, and schools in NAMIBIA in a short time.

It allows building large refrigerated buildings, greenhouses, chicken meat, and chicken eggs factory complexes, meat slaughterhouses, factory for the production and storage of agricultural products.

Our main goal is to contribute to the development of AFRICA!